Customized and On-Site Training

Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County understands that in the world of business you need every advantage you can get.

Work Experience
Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County’s Work Experience program is designed to help break the cycle of poverty in the community by developing a partnership involving business, job seekers and Workforce Solutions’ staff. The program strengthens local families and improves their economic status while improving the bottom line of businesses.

Staff screen and refer prospective workers from across Tarrant County. This training Program, help’s reduce recruiting costs for business and post employment support provided by Workforce Solutions improves employee retention.

Skills for Veterans
Skills for Veterans initiative dedicates $1 million from the Skills Development Fund to address the training needs of post-9/11 veterans returning home and entering the Texas workforce. Skills for Veterans will enhance the skills of veterans, which will benefit Texas employers. Employers who hire post-9/11 era veterans, especially those who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn or Operation Enduring Freedom, may be eligible to participate in this training opportunity.

All private businesses, including private, nonprofit hospitals, can apply to TWC for training offered by their local community or technical college, or the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), to upgrade the skills of newly hired veterans. We review the applications and work with the college to fund the specific courses selected by businesses for their employees. For more information about Skills for Veterans please click here

On-the-Job Training (OJT)
On-the-Job Training (OJT), is primarily designed to offset business cost associated with new employee training. Providing workers with a means to advance and provide opportunities for job seekers who might not be fully qualified for skilled positions.

OJT is not as well suited to the training of large numbers of workers as is the Skills Development training programs.

Skills Development
Focused on job creation and retention, Skills Development is Texas’ premier job-training program. By providing grants to community and technical colleges to customize programs for businesses training new workers or upgrading the skills of their existing workforce, Skills Development successfully merges business needs with local job training opportunities. Learn more about Skills Development.

Skills for Small Business
Skills for Small Business finances tuition and fees for community and technical college courses for current and newly hired employees of small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) in Texas, successfully merging small business needs and local training opportunities into a winning formula for putting people to work in Texas. Learn more about Skills for Small Business.

Other Employer Services