Labor Market Information

Our Business Services Team can assist you in researching and navigating in-depth local job market information databases to help you make staffing, training, salary, and occupational decisions grounded on results of a Tarrant County survey of businesses.

Tarrant Works: The latest workforce impact, labor market information and event updates for Tarrant County

Census Data – What is it?
United State Department of Labor survey of all households throughout the United States, the regional demographics include household incomes for specific areas in Tarrant County, household size and buying potential. Census data can be helpful in planning of business expansion. Direct link to local Census:

Industry & Occupation Research

The Texas Workforce Commission also offers multiple sources of labor market and career information on their website:

Socrates – – Standardized Occupational Components for Research and Analysis of Trends in Employment Services. (SOCRATES) software is designed as a tool to assist local Texas planners a regional labor market analysis. SOCRATES is useful for local workforce planning under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) to generate lists of Targeted Industries and Targeted Occupations.

Tracer – – The Labor Market & Career Information Department (LMCI) of the Texas Workforce Commission provides statistics and analysis on the dynamics of the Texas labor market and informational products designed to support informed educational and career decisions.

Texas Industry Profiles – – The Texas Industry Profile Web site provides industry-based information and regional analysis tools to assist local workforce and economic development professionals to better understand, clearly describe, Texas regional industry structure and workforce dynamics. The site addresses aspects of industry dispersion, employment dynamics, labor supply, industrial clustering and related analysis to provide a foundantion for Texas economic development activities.

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