Professional Outplacement Services

Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County offers comprehensive assistance to area businesses. Business Services Representatives are available to assist Tarrant County businesses with outplacement services for organizations experiencing necessary staffing adjustments, and can arrange for interviews on-site, or at one of our local workforce centers.

Rapid Response
Our “team response” to business layoffs, downsizing, closure, or restructuring can help you “soften the blow” to your affected workers. A Rapid Response team can be at your company before the layoff actually occurs to better prepare your workforce for the changes to come.

The Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County team guarantees confidentiality, in all downsizing matters. The Rapid Response Team offers: On-site assistance, coordination with other outplacement services you might provide, and information about possible alternatives to layoff are just a small part of this important service. The benefit for your business is to help maintain a positive image in the community, as well as to improve the morale of the affected workers.

An initial on-site meeting between our team and yours (management and labor union – if applicable) will be arranged to discuss services specific, and appropriate to your particular businesses circumstances. Agenda may include types of services for affected workers (on or off site), and method in which workers are to be seen for services (i.e. on the clock, shifts, production schedules, etc.).

Outplacement Services Available:

  • Orientation group meeting for affected workers
  • Tips on filing for Unemployment Benefits (UI)
  • Instructions onthe completing the Texas Workforce Commission Work Application in WorkInTexas – a requirement to receive UI Checks
  • Overview of Workforce Center Services
  • Briefing on potential Re-Training Opportunities – may qualify for scholarship assistance under the Workforce Investment Act, and.or NAFTA/TAA
  • Rapid Response Registration / Survey Completion (forms may be completed in advance).

Employee Information Meetings

  • Tips on filing for Unemployment Benefits (UI)
  • Instructions on completing the TWC Work Application – a requirement in order to receive UI checks
  • Overview of Workforce Center Services
  • Briefing on potential Re-Training Opportunities – may qualify for scholarship assistance Workforce Investment Act (WIA) training.
  • Rapid Response Registration / Survey Completion (forms my be completed in advance if distributed and collected by Human Resources Staff).

Additional Services May Include:

  • State & Federal job assistance information to assist your workers in securing new jobs
  • Professional help with job search to include Interview and Resume Preparation seminars
  • Change Management and Financial Planning Workshops
  • Customized Job Fairs
  • Access to computers, telephones, copiers, fax
  • Information about Retraining Opportunities
  • Job Matching

Available Seminars
Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County offers the following list of potential seminars. The seminars may change depending upon employee need or company constraints. Seminar titles are relatively self-explanatory. Handouts are distributed at all sessions. Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County offers flexibility in delivery of services and will work with your to tailor product and delivery to meet your requirements. We have the capability to offer these sessions in stand-alone components or as a day and a half workshop.

Applications That Make The Grade (Time: 1 hour)
How to complete applications to give you an edge. Tricks of the trade.
Networking/Dynamic Job Leads (Time: 1 hour)
How to network in order to uncover hidden jobs. Emphasis on proper job search techniques.
Winning Resumes (Time: 1 hour)
How to determine whether you need a resume and/or uncover the best resume format that will work for you.
Interviewing (Time: 1 hour)
Basic preparations that will help you excel in the interview process.
Change Management (Time: 1 hour)
Coping with change. Stress Management. Support Group Environment. Typically facilitated by psychologist or licensed therapist. Handouts for this seminar vary according to presenter.
Financial Management (Time: 1 hour)
Budgeting advice. Dealing with creditors. Facilitated by Money Management Int. Handouts for this seminar provided by Money Management Int.
Financial Workshop (Time: 1 hour)
Tax consequences of early distribution of 401 (k). Understanding Retirement Plan distribution Options. Current and Future 401 (k) investing strategies. Financial Planning.

Other Employer Services