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TWC Child Care Attendance: Reinstating Absence Policies on July 20th


TWC Child Care Attendance: Reinstating Absence Policies on July 20th

On June 16, 2020, the Texas Workforce Commission took action to reinstate requirements for the parents of children receiving Child Care Services (CCS) to record their child’s daily attendance, which will become effective July 20, 2020.   Children are generally allowed 40 unexplained absences during a year.  Parents have not been required to record their attendance since mid-March, when the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was first being felt across the state.  At that time, only essential worker parents were able to use regulated child care.  And, many child care providers were restricting parent access within child care operations.  TWC did not want to penalize parents who were unable to take their children to child care, based on the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Effective July 20, 2020, subsidy children’s absences will be reset to 0, and all parents will be required to record their children’s attendance using the state’s child care automated attendance system.  Absences will begin to count again and child care can end once the 40 unexplained absences limit is reached for a child.

Absences for any families who have been asked to self-isolate or quarantine based on instructions from a medical professional or other state/local authority will not count as an unexplained absence. Absences related to a child care provider’s involuntary closure per an order by a health authority will also not count as unexplained.

What Providers Need to Do:

  • Make the swipe card machine available to parents to record attendance (or your phone if you are a home-based program).
  • Let families know they must record attendance and if their child has a COVID-related absence, they should notify their local CCS office.
  • If you are ordered to close by a state or local health authority due to COVID, notify your Local Board/CCS offices about your status.

What Parents Need to Do:

  • Locate your attendance card and start using it to record your child’s attendance; you must only swipe once per day (swipe “in”).
  • If you cannot locate your card, contact your local CCS office as soon as possible to request a replacement card.
  • If a health professional or local health authority instructs you and/or your children to quarantine or self-isolate due to COVID, notify your local CCS office.
  • If you do not need care right now or do not plan to take your child to care, contact your local CCS office to discuss your options.
  • If your child care program is unable to provide services to your child because they do not have space available, contact your local CCS office to discuss your options.

If you are a Tarrant County resident and have questions please call 817.413.4000 or email us at and someone will assist you.

If you are not a Tarrant County resident please refer to this list to find your local office: local workforce solutions/CCS office.

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