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Unemployment Data for Tarrant County

During this time, there is a lot of interest in unemployment data. The following reports will provide claimant data information by age, education, ethnicity, gender, industry, zip code, and more. The full report will be updated monthly and the snapshot will be updated weekly so be sure and check back regularly.

Unemployment Claim Data for March 2024 (Full Report)

Unemployment Claim Data for April 1-6, 2024 (Snapshot)

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Labor Market Statistics

This link connects to Texas Labor Market Information by workforce development area published by the Texas Workforce Commission. On the map, choose the area you are interested in reviewing, click on the radial button. A PDF summary report is available by clicking “get report.” Additionally, by scrolling down, you will see tabs which allow you to look at various aspects of the summary report as separate information. The state data is one month behind the current month and updates in the last week of the month.

  • Summary Report-Interactive detail of charts in the printed report
  • All tables without charts
  • Labor Force Statistics
  • Projections
  • And Quarterly Employment
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