Industry Sectors

Tarrant County is home to a diverse network of employers that encompasses multiple industry sectors. Aerospace, Construction, Healthcare and Hospitality are just a few of the industry sectors that we target here in Tarrant County. At Workforce Solutions, we facilitate dialogue between employers in the various industry sectors in an effort to enhance industry training, address common issues in the industry, and create a talent pipeline for the industry.

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DFW Regional Aerospace Consortium

Since 2003, Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin and Triumph Aerostructures – Vought Aircraft Division have led the Aerospace Consortium. The companies have been instrumental in the creation of the “Gotta Jet?” career awareness program for students and their parents as well as the development of a common entry-level training program for future employees. With the support of the Arlington and Fort Worth Chambers, Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County, the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center and Hillwood Properties, the Consortium continues to make important contributions to the North Texas region. As one of the key industries for the region, aerospace manufacturing employs workers in over 75 companies, and promotion and training programs developed by the Aerospace Consortium will ensure that there is a pipeline of future employees for years to come.

To learn more about the DFW Regional Aerospace Consortium check out these resources:


Construction Consortium

The Construction Consortium is a group formed by local Construction companies that jointly address the workforce needs and talent pipeline shortages the industry faces. They work together to influence curriculum to address career pathways in the industry.


Hospitality Council

Hospitality Council is a group formed by Hospitality Industry leaders who jointly address the workforce needs of this growing industry in Tarrant County. With Tarrant County being the heart of Hospitality and Tourism Industries this Council addresses workforce needs, industry education and enhancing training. Contrary to long-held belief that this industry produces “dead-end” jobs, the Hospitality Industry provides extensive and lucrative career pathways.